Voie Verte

It’s a mild, sunny day and the chattering birds certainly seem convinced that spring has finally begun. I patiently wait for the trees to concur. Regardless, good weather is good weather, and I’ve planted myself in the backyard for the afternoon. As I am outside, I thought I would write about outside things; I’m in the country after all.

Temporary workstation

Last week, Ben and I headed to the sports equipment store in search of ski gear for an upcoming trip to the Alps and ended up walking out with a pair of rollerblades and fold-up bike. Impulse buying at its finest. The next day, we took our new wheels for a spin.

France is blessed with a network of voies vertes (literally translated as “greenways”), which are pedestrian pathways linking towns and villages throughout the countryside. The one near our house, Voie Verte du Marsan et de l’Armagnac, is 31 miles (50km) in length, paved in some areas, and lovely in every aspect. We made it about 9 miles on our first trip.


Hey there, tiny wheels!



2 thoughts on “Voie Verte

  1. Those two big fir trees in the backyard were Christmas trees that my dad bought in a big pot and then transplanted at Lucy. They stood about 6/7-feet tall in his house and were all decorated for Christmas… look at the size of them now!

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