I Love Lucy

At long last, we have arrived at our home for the next few months, located in the countryside of southwest France. The property belongs to the family of my friend, Morgan, and they have graciously rented it to Ben and me while also connecting us with extended family who live in the region.

We stayed last night with Morgan’s aunt and uncle–Nicole and Christian–who live just outside of Bordeaux and are both incredibly hospitable and charming. This morning, we all caravanned a couple of hours south to Lucy (as the house has been lovingly christened). Nicole lit a fire as soon as we arrived, and we began the process of airing the rooms. The place is marvelously rustic and out of a dream.

Collecting firewood
Home is where the hearth is

After we schlepped our luggage into the house, we headed across the road to introduce ourselves to our new neighbors, Jean-Pierre and Véronique. We enjoyed a quick chat (by which I mean: Ben spoke French very well and I began to improve upon my French comprehension skills) and coffee. Jean-Pierre, an enthusiastic aviateur, promised to take us up in his propeller plane one of these days. I thoroughly plan to hold him to his word.

We spent the rest of the day slowly unpacking, picking up groceries at the nearby market, and exploring our new surroundings. The country is magnificent here, and I am in my element. I look forward to getting to know Lucy better as the days go by.

Our first dinner at Lucy House